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Locked to Sev [06 Oct 2003|07:27pm]
Maeve walked down the dark hallway and stopped outside of Severus's door.

She reached up, but instead of knocking, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and grasped the doorhandle, letting herself in.

Closing the door behind her, she locked it and looked up.

"Any interruptions results in murder."
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[04 Oct 2003|07:13pm]
Owl to Ron WeasleyCollapse )
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Locked [03 Oct 2003|06:58pm]
She gave the door a comfortable knock, no longer feeling any sort of wariness or fear about being here.

Standing back she smiled and reminded herself not to say anything about the incident with his hair. The poor man.

Although she did give Lupin credit for originality.
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[27 Sep 2003|08:26pm]
Maeve circulated around through the students, smiling and chatting with them happily.
This was a lovely idea.

She'd stopped to look over at Severus a few times, but he seemed deeply agitated by whatever Davies was talking to him about and she wasn't about to interupt.

Pausing finally at a wall she leaned back with a sigh and a smile, giggling at the antics of the children.
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[24 Sep 2003|08:53pm]
Maeve knew that left to his own devices Severus would never come and talk to her.

She spent her last year at Hogwarts, the year he came back searching halls for him, but he was always one step ahead, always avoiding her. She never saw him.

This time she wouldn't let him turn away.

She raised a hand and knocked on his door, ready to fight her way in if she had to.
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[16 Sep 2003|11:57pm]
Owl to Severus SnapeCollapse )
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[16 Sep 2003|07:04pm]
It had been a very very long day.

After leaving the library Maeve had spent a completely sleepless night curled in a ball, face alternating been sheet white and flaming red as the events in the library played and replayed themselves in her head.

She hadn't gone to breakfast.

Nor lunch.

And red faced congratualted her second years on their homework, and weakly made some excuse for not having the papers with her.
Truth was they hadn;t actually come out of the library. She refused to go back.

And now, she sat in her quarters, a cup of tea beside her stone cold and a roaring fire in front of her, she still couldn't shake it. The total embarassment.
SHE had been the one to kiss HIM. Then SHE slapped him for it.

Ridiculous. She felt absolutely ridiculous.

But warm..so very warm every time she re-visited her lips colliding with his.
She chalked it up to the embarassment.
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Locked for Severus Snape [15 Sep 2003|07:58pm]
It had been a long day.

A long but rewarding day as she found most of her third years had memorized the names and meanings of the Elder Futhark and she had worked hard with them to get there.

With a sigh she walked to library and sat down at a table near a back bookcase to grade papers.
Of course, she could have done this in her own quarters, but they were just too quiet for her taste that evening.
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[11 Jun 2003|08:09pm]
Maeve/Severus Snape's OfficeCollapse )
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[02 Jun 2003|09:15pm]
Conversation Maeve/Severus-Snape's QuartersCollapse )
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[01 Jun 2003|07:16pm]
Owl To Severus SnapeCollapse )
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[30 May 2003|11:29am]
[ mood | anxious ]

I am worried.

Quite worried.

You left abruptly, even for you, Severus. And you looked in pain.

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[29 May 2003|08:36pm]
Conversation Maeve/Severus HallwayCollapse )
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[25 May 2003|08:40pm]
Maeve/Severus - HallwayCollapse )
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[21 May 2003|10:43pm]
I never realized we had two such talented artists on the staff.

Remus,love, when you're done doodling with Severus, would you join me for a night cap?
I have something I wish to speak to you about.
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[19 May 2003|10:07pm]
Snape/Maeve-Severus' RoomsCollapse )
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[19 May 2003|07:02pm]
Maeve/Severus-The HallsCollapse )
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[15 May 2003|11:41am]
Owl To Severus SnapeCollapse )
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[14 May 2003|10:49pm]
Dancing-Severus and MaeveCollapse )
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[14 May 2003|07:47pm]
Conversation-Maeve and RemusCollapse )
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